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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Get Accepted in Google Adsense trick

Get Accepted in Google Adsense trick

Hello guys I am back with my new trick everyone wants to earn money So I came with Google Adsense, As we know google adsense approval is closed for bloggers know but I have trick to get approved instant aproved in blogger and others.
When It comes to Making money online there is a Lot of Confusion for Newbies and Starters. As Newbies always never do any research for anything and start to monetize online with Any Company even of not thinking that it is Legit or Scam. for those who knows about Earning online They must be knowing Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the Most Popular and Best Way to Monetize your Blog, Videos, Website online. But Adsense is also Famous for Banning Its Honest Publishers. I will show you the easiest method to Make Money with Adsense.


How to Earn with Adsense

When it comes to make money online in a Simple, easy and Genuine Way, Google Adsense Ranks on the 1st . To Earn with Adsense is easy but also the most Hardest and Toughest Part, Very Less and only Professionals can survive on Adsense. Here i will discover a White Hat Tactics which is complete legal and allowed by Adsense ToS. So Download the guide and Maximize your Online Revenue.

Earn with Adsense in India

This is a Very Simple and Clear method to Earn with Adsense in India without Spamming. now a days there are many options such as FileiceAffiliate’s  and to Earn money from Internet. But when it comes to earn Decent income Adsense is the best, But the only Drawback of Adsense is It Bans its honest Customers also. i have also been got Banned from Adsense Many times.

How To Earn With Adsense in India 

To be honest in India the payouts rates are low of Adsense for example if someone click your Ads from U.S or other western countries you get 1$ average of a Click, But if the same click will be from India then you will get 1$ for 4 clicks. so for Adsense it is always better to have international Traffic. However if you have a Huge Traffic in India it is also good, But Having High Quality Traffic from U.S is the best for boosting your Earning.


For this Method you need to Have your Blog or Website, you can also make free blog with, and The Most Important you need to have a Genuine Approved Adsense Account.

AdSense Arsenal

Adsense Arsenal is a Guide which will make you learn the secrets to Earn with Adsense in India this is a Premium Guide. I am Giving it For Free, The methods include here is how to Bring Traffic to your Blog, Use high paying Keywords to Boost your CTR and Many Exclusive tactics.

Account Disabling by Adsense is a Conman Thing now, we know that how bad it feels when your Adsense Account is banned for no reason, It feels like your Online Earning Dreams are shattered, But I you study the the complete guide you will understand the reasons why Adsense bans your Account.then you can Use the precautions. there are many friends of Mine who use adsense from years and their Account had never been Banned. If you Follow the proper terms and Policy of Google. you can earn like an Angel in Adsense. 
How Will Adsense Pay me


This might be a Question clicking on The mind of Newbie, Yeah payment Method of Adsense is Checks, The time to Arrive Adsense check is NET30 Days. you can search for the Google Adsense Payment proof on Google, For Me This is the Best method to Earn with Adsense

Its always Better to Earn as a Professional. Adsense is the Most Genuine and Popular Way or website owners and Blogger to Make money for their hard Work. There are also other options to earn money from website content, But As this is From Google, so Nothing can do competition from Adsense. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How to make your PC Faster...

                   How to make your PC Faster....
These days with lot of softwares being installed on your PC, your PC might tend to get slower.
To Speed up your PC , there are some small but very important tricks. 
Many of us have Antivirus, Download managers, other needful softwares, so many of them Autostart when your PC starts. This makes PC Much Slower.

So here what i did to make my PC faster-----
              1) Use 'CCleaner' 
                           Yeah this helps, this deletes all the 'temp' files which are just useless (most of               the times). When i used this first time, it removed almost 6 GB of unwanted files. So it also frees up your disk space. Here is a snapy...

Download :   CCleaner
You can choose which should start automatically when you start your PC.Disable unwanted softwares for auto-start. Don't disable the antivirus.
             2) Use DLL-File fixer:

             This one is really interesting. It removes the damaged DLL files and makes your PC healthy and faster. You can download custom DLL files if needed.

                                             Download : DLL File-Fixer

                 3) Driver Genius:
      This helps us to get updated with all necessary drivers, needed for softwares and other stuff. This tracks automatically for update and asks permission to download.

                                               Download : Driver Genius

                     Hope this will help, make sure you follow instructions and do this periodically. With this i made my windows 7 PC superfast. 
                     You comments will be appreciated.

Monday, 10 December 2012

How to use Whatsapp on PC

Hi guys, today i am going to tell you guys how to use whatsapp on PC may be it's Windows/Mac.

All you guys need is an internet connection and a software called "Bluestacks App Player".


1. Download Bluestacks App Player.

2. Search Whatsapp on app search option.

3. Wait till download completes.

4.Type your mobile no. after whatsapp starts.

If you wanna try other android apps please read this article---

How to play Android apps on Windows/Mac PC

NOTE: So now your whatsapp service will stop on mobile. To activate again, it will ask to send a SMS when you start whatsapp on mobile again. 

So, Enjoy.....

How to play Android apps on Windows/Mac PC

Android OS has got millions of apps. And they are cool too..

What if we could play this games and apps on our pc itself???

There are tons of apps which are AWESOME but only available for Andriod.

Yes now we can! Thanks to Bluestacks guys.

Just need to install a software and we can play all these games on our PC

You can use Whatsapp , kik messenger , Cut the rope and all other andriod apps for PC.

So download from here:


If you guys have any problem you can ask me........

High Compression Tool........ The KGB Archiever

Compress 1Gb to 5mb....

Using softwares like winRAR and WinZip, its not possible to compress the files at high ratio. But this can be achieved with KGB archiever as it gives compession ratio of about 90-95%.

KGB Archiver is not your regular file compressor. It makes all the difference in the world, size-wise, because it can create the tinniest archives. This is due to the fact that its compression rate is amazing, almost unique in its software category.

This small and seemingly plain software is extremely powerful, and it could easily surpass other products of its kind (when it comes to compression size, not speed).

It takes  long time to compress and Decompress the files!

System requirements
The minimum requirements for running KGB Archiver are:
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1.5 GHz processor

PCSX2 1.0 is Out !

Going back to 2000, Sony released the PlayStation 2 (PS2), PS2 was tagged as best-selling console of ALL time. This was perhaps great achievement. Infact, even now the selling of PS2 hasn't stop. Most of you have been a Hardcore fan of PS2 games like God Of War, Solid Gear,Ratchet which are not available in PC, Sad isn't it ? No longer.
PCSX2 is an open source PS2 emulator which makes old-school PS2 games run on Windows & Linux successfully.

The first version of PCSX2 1.0 (0.026) was released back then 10 years ago from today. The project was re-developed & new version of PCSX2 1.0 (r5350) has been released & it's available for free.
Windows (8.53 MB) & Linux (4 MB).
Also, Emulator is been able to run all games in 1080p .. Effing Awesome !
From total of 2299 games 1697 are marked as playable which means you can troll the entire game without any graphical glitch or crashes. And Rest are under-development.
Check out the Compatibility list. 
Mac released is currently at version 0.9.7 Alpha.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Freemake Video Downloader...

Download any video from thousands websites! From YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion and 10,000+ sites. Download MP3 from YouTube, convert any online video to AVI, MKV, MP3, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Android.

This is a cool application that lets you to download HQ videos from any sites like 

So, download this application from



Friday, 7 December 2012

How to speed up your internet connection in just minutes...

How to Speed up your internet connection in minutes.....

  • Go to Start >> RunType gpedit.msc
  •  This opens the Policy Editor
  • Now, Local Computer Policy >> Computer Configuration
  • Then, Administrative Templates >> Network
  • Now, click on QOS Packet Scheduler
  • Now, on Right hand side
  • Double Click Limit reservable bandwidth
  •  Now in Setting Tab 
    • It says : Not Configure
      Reality : " The Explain Tab " says "By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection"
  •  So, on Setting Tab select Enabled
  • Now, change Bandwidth limit (%) to 0 (Zero)
  • Click apply and ok.

Misconcept : This don't means that you won't be able to communicate with Microsoft or any its services !!!
Actually : This reserved Bandwidth is only to accelerate Microsoft internet connections more than other connections !!!

Opinion:This does improves your speed, but make sure you don't change anything else!