Monday, 10 December 2012

How to use Whatsapp on PC

Hi guys, today i am going to tell you guys how to use whatsapp on PC may be it's Windows/Mac.

All you guys need is an internet connection and a software called "Bluestacks App Player".


1. Download Bluestacks App Player.

2. Search Whatsapp on app search option.

3. Wait till download completes.

4.Type your mobile no. after whatsapp starts.

If you wanna try other android apps please read this article---

How to play Android apps on Windows/Mac PC

NOTE: So now your whatsapp service will stop on mobile. To activate again, it will ask to send a SMS when you start whatsapp on mobile again. 

So, Enjoy.....


  1. Thanks a Lot, hearing about this app for a while, gonna install it now...


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