Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How to make your PC Faster...

                   How to make your PC Faster....
These days with lot of softwares being installed on your PC, your PC might tend to get slower.
To Speed up your PC , there are some small but very important tricks. 
Many of us have Antivirus, Download managers, other needful softwares, so many of them Autostart when your PC starts. This makes PC Much Slower.

So here what i did to make my PC faster-----
              1) Use 'CCleaner' 
                           Yeah this helps, this deletes all the 'temp' files which are just useless (most of               the times). When i used this first time, it removed almost 6 GB of unwanted files. So it also frees up your disk space. Here is a snapy...

Download :   CCleaner
You can choose which should start automatically when you start your PC.Disable unwanted softwares for auto-start. Don't disable the antivirus.
             2) Use DLL-File fixer:

             This one is really interesting. It removes the damaged DLL files and makes your PC healthy and faster. You can download custom DLL files if needed.

                                             Download : DLL File-Fixer

                 3) Driver Genius:
      This helps us to get updated with all necessary drivers, needed for softwares and other stuff. This tracks automatically for update and asks permission to download.

                                               Download : Driver Genius

                     Hope this will help, make sure you follow instructions and do this periodically. With this i made my windows 7 PC superfast. 
                     You comments will be appreciated.