Friday, 16 August 2013

Top 10 free android application

Top 10 free android application

Hello readers,
My post today will be about top 10 free android application that i think android user should try ^^..
I have provided link to every application stated, so just click the link to download and try it =).

1. Google translate
This application is used to translate 2 languages. It also have conversation mode.
2. Layar
Layar is for viewing area around us in a live mode.
3. Google sky map
Sky map is for viewing stars in night and the application will label every objects in the sky.
4. Metal detector
This application is for detecting metal. It works using the built in compass in the android device.
5. Google Goggles
Goggles application allow us to identify anything just by taking picture of it. then it will search the database and will tell us what item are we watching. until now the database is still limited but this application seems really intuitive, and i think we should try it.
6. WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp is for messaging between all platforms ( android, apple ios, symbian,  windows phone & blackberry)
7. GO Launcher EX
This application is for changing the user interface of android devices. Go launcher also have its own market to download widgets and themes for our custom interface.
8. Speaktoit Assistant
This application is really great. it can understand anything we talk to it. It will respond to anything we say. I really recommend this application especially for people that feels lonely often ^^.
9. Barcode Scanner
Barcode scanner can be used to access a link encrypted in a barcode.
10. Street View on Google Maps
I saw many people using google maps but most of them don't realize that google maps have a cool feature in it. it is this extension, the street view. after installed the street view, we can see any area in the world that have supported the street view with 360' view.

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